The alashoo ROADMAP 2024

Community Numbs Breakdown
  1. Social media sharing and promoting reward. Rewards are distributed to $atc Collectors who tweets, likes and follows us on social medias, say Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok etc.
  2. On chain data creating reward. When the Collectors use the alashoo dapp products and created on chain data like posting, swapping tokens or buy and sell $atc NFTs, they get rewarded to make up for the gas fee and time spent.
  3. DAOs Joint events. The team will contact the popular DAOs like Uniswap, Aave, Curve, BAYC etc to use our dapp, making some joint events to get brand awareness in DeFi and NFT communities.
  1. Ethereum Content Publishing. In this phase, we will build the Twitter like PC website on ETH, making it possible to say whatever you want on chain. Unlike, which is targeting on article type of blogging, the alashoo dapp forces on micro-blogging with contents less than 300 words. Thus, we can reduce the gas fee costs by publishing on chain and make on chain text creation much more easier.
  2. Ethereum on chain social graph. After the publishing feature is done, we will build up a social relationship graph on chain for the whole community. The social graph will help the community get high efficiency in content distribution, making it fast to match good contents with our users.
Community Rewards
  1. Multi-chain social medias. The alashoo dapp will launch on BSC, Polygon, major Layer 2 chains, Fantom and other EVM supported blockchains. Let the on chain social media be cross-chains, all in one. That is the expanding on chains.
  2. Mobilizing the alashoo dapp. Here comes the expanding on devices. The Omicron version will include an alashoo APP on iOS and Android platform. The APPs will be released on Apple Store and Google Play. We will move from PCs to mobile devices.
  3. Social-Fi enabled. With the decentralized financing on blockchain, the alashoo dapp will try to enable social media with financing. There will be new way to use the token $atc for staking and governing. The staking and governing contracts will be deployed in this version.
  4. DAOs governing. We will try new possibilities for DAOs governing on social medias. In Omicron, we decide to do so by introducing some DAO tools for all communities on chain. With these tools, the DAOs will get much more easier governing capacities, making the DAOs the real decentralized ones.
  5. KOL communities. In a WEB2.0 world, KOLs communities are stuck in the software platforms. They are in fact run by the companies not by the communities themselves. We are to make a change on this. Building a true community with governing capacities is the main goal.



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alashoo- A decentral social media!

alashoo- A decentral social media!

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alashoo is a decentralized social media dapp. AlatelecoinDAO(aDAO) is a DAO for governing the alashoo protocol. Join us to help building the next crypto era!