Announcing the ‘alashoo’ decentralized social media on EVM blockchains!


567 days and nights, 10 hard working engineers, and finally here comes the ‘alashoo’ dapp. The first of its kind, alashoo will surely open up the imagination for what would come next in crypro, in WEB 3.o.

$atc token is to be dropped

The alashoo protocol is targeting at making the digital rights equal to every digital citizen, making the metaverse a real ‘Every one is born equal’ space. We start with the name “Digital Equalization”, putting everyone’s data and digital asset on a totally equal state. By saying digital equality, it means basically 2 fundamental principles.

Principle I- everyone is equally the owner of his data. The data is not controlled by a third party, but exclusively by the owner. The ownership is granted forever.

Principle II-there does not exist a third party that has a higher authority to access the data. The owner is the only entity that can modify the data. No superior access is enabled. No blocked, no deleting of the data and denial of access.

Linear Equalizer

The protocol is built completely on chain. With the power enable by Ethereum, we are capable of making these 2 principles into a realistic product. The beta will be released soon.

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alashoo- A decentral social media!

alashoo is a decentralized social media dapp. AlatelecoinDAO(aDAO) is a DAO for governing the alashoo protocol. Join us to help building the next crypto era!